Commercial Electrical Tools

Electricity is an essential commodity supporting the modern lifestyle. Many types of electrical tools and appliances are available in the market today, which help people become more effective in their work or make lives more comfortable. However, while using any such equipment, whether at home or commercially, care should be taken that direct exposure to electricity be avoided, lest it may harm or even potentially become fatal. A repository of toolkit that is available to an electrical worker today therefore necessarily has to be safe and insulated, while also helping in the realization of productivity and efficiency gains. Some such commercial electrical tools (such as an insulated screwdriver, multi-purpose electrical wiring tool, wire stripper or cable ripper) are discussed in further detail below.
Examples of commercial electrical tools
1. Insulated screwdriver
Insulated screwdriver, also sometimes referred to as electrician insulated screwdrivers, are used for insertion and tightening of screws. An insulated screwdriver typically will have a dielectric substance that separates the tip of the screwdriver from its handle. Being a bad conductor of electricity, this dielectric substance protects the worker from getting an electric shock. OSHA standards ensure that these insulated screwdrivers when exposed to an electrical alternating current of 1000 volts- and may even rise to 10,000 volts- are safe to handle.
Typically, insulated screwdriver handles have two layers of insulation, each with a different color, so that they can easily be recognized. These handles are both inflammable and shock-proof.
2. Multi-purpose electrical wiring tool
As the name suggests, this tool was invented with the objective of making a multi-purpose hand tool, which can be used for gripping, bending, pulling, stripping, shearing and cutting electrical wires. This compact equipment contains needle-nose pliers-like jaws, handles and other tool elements which are arranged in such a manner that the size of the tool can be reduced when it is not in use.
3. Wire stripper
A wire stripper is a hand held electrical device which is used for cutting the insulation (plastic coating) from the electrical wires. The end portions of the opened wire need to be stripped when the electrical work is done. The wire stripper consists of holes which are smaller in size than the diameter of the wire (of the same size as the wire gauze). This ensures cutting the insulation without damaging the core of the wire. Therefore, a wire stripper cannot work on too thick or too thin wires. There are two types of strippers available in the market- manual and automatic.
4. Cable ripper
A low-tech tool, cable ripper is a simple U-shaped metal tool which has a cutting head for cutting through the heavy plastic casing that holds several wires within it. These wires, in turn, are coated with another thin layer of insulator. When there are several wires within the plastic insulator (cable), the individual wires need to be loosened and separated from each other so that they can be attached to an electric outlet.


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