Federal Grants for Women

A grant is a financial assistance from any federal agency of USA, given to a beneficiary (individual or organization) for the purpose of supporting or stimulating a specific activity of the recipient, which will benefit the community or help in the upliftment of the entity receiving this grant. As a distinction, grants by private not-for-profit organizations or foundations are referred to as charities.
Federal grants for women
There are 26 federal agencies in USA and they offer grants in various categories. Grants could be unrestrictive or may specify a purpose, a sectoral theme or a recipient profile. A further point to note is that the eligibility criterion for many of these grants does not necessarily require American citizenship (for individuals) or incorporation (for organizations), but entities from around the world can be potential beneficiaries as long as they satisfy the objective criteria for which the grant is being given.
Of the over 1,000 available federal grants, many specifically target women, and are aimed at helping women with specific needs or those belonging to certain geographies. Some of these federal grants are briefly discussed below.
Office of Public Health and Science gives a maximum of four awards, with a minimum $300,000 grant amount, for initiating pilot programs that develop cross-generational HIV/AIDS education approaches to women at risk or those who are living in HIV/AIDS affected families.
The U.S. Agency for International Development has a $300,000-$500,000 grant, for supporting creative and timely responses that aim to reduce or condone certain traditional practices promoting gender-based violence. These grants are available for Africa, Asia and the Near East.
The Employment and Training Administration has three grants for community-based organizations, with the objective of assisting them in implementing innovative projects focussed on enhancing the learning and development of women apprentices in the construction industry (through improved recruitment, selection, training, employment and retention processes). The maximum grant amount available is $300,000.
Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs has grants aimed at addressing women's economic empowerment, fostering their political participation or helping resist violence against them. A minimum of three such awards are available, with each grant for a maximum amount of $ 150,000.
Small Business Administration gives a maximum $150,000 funding for the purpose of starting new, community-based women's business centers that provide business skills training, technical assistance and support to small businesses of women entrepreneurs. This funding specifically focuses on socially or economically disadvantaged women and 80 such awards are available.
Administration on Aging has one grant of $240,000 that is awarded to any comprehensive program that aims to assist women in their retirement planning.
National Institutes of Health gives a $200,000 award for research focussed on women's mental health and gender differences therein.
Office of Public Health and Science has four $100,000 grants for programmes targeting women living in Puerto Rico or the Vrigin Islands, and affected by HIV/AIDS.


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