Benefits of Turfgrass

Turfgrass, also known as sod is a type of grass that is produced through an intensive agricultural operation and is removed intact with a minimum amount of soil. It is further transplanted to another location to form an instant turf cover. Turfgrass sod is used to produce a quick and easy weed-free turfgrass area. It is made from fields in the form of rolls that is nearly 2 to 3 m long and have a width of 0.5 m. Turfgrass is an environmental asset and its market mainly caters to the housing industry. It is used to create soccer fields, golf courses, parks and lawns.

Benefits of Turfgrass- Aesthetic, Functional and Recreational

Turfgrass sod offers many environmental, economic, health and social benefits. It enhances the property value by adding to the visual appeal, improves community pride and provides a good and comfortable living space.
Environmental Benefits-
  • Soil Erosion Control-
Turfgrass sod is the most durable and inexpensive ground cover and prevents the natural and non-renewable soil resource from getting eroded by water and wind. A sodded field has greater absorption and retention ability and can therefore hold the rainwater more effectively than any other seeded lawn, even after years of growth. It acts as a natural filter and allows greater protection against water percolation through the soil turfgrass ecosystem.
  • Pollution control-
Turfgrass traps and removes dirt and dust which are released per year into the atmosphere. It also absorbs carbon dioxide from the air and releases oxygen into the atmosphere. Dead or living turfgrass debris containing bacterial populations can produce billions of colonies of organisms. Turfgrass can then degrade trapped organic chemicals and pesticides.
  • Natural Coolant-
Turfgrass has tremendous cooling effect. It cools the air on hot summer days more efficiently than other grass fields, and even cleans the air. Additionally, the cooling effect of watered turfgrass field outside the house reduces the amount of fuel needed to provide electricity that is used for air conditioners. When irrigated, turfgrass utilizes every drop of water very efficiently and effectively.
Recreational Benefits-
Aside from aesthetics, turf provides a natural and resilient setting for both recreational activities as well as a peaceful relaxing space. It is an ideal place for playing, organizing picnic or for relaxing.
Health Benefits-
Turfgrass also has an impact on our physical and mental health. It adds to the beauty of our surroundings. Research shows that patient recovery is enhanced if they are exposed to landscape view, rather than the walls of the hospital.


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