Organic chemistry jobs

Organic chemistry is the study or the discipline of chemistry that explores the various properties and reactions of carbon-containing compounds. It has become vital for our day-to-day needs and is expanding its approach in industries such as rubber, dye, detergent, cosmetics and agriculture. The vast knowledge of organic chemistry has opened new pathways for students who find an aptitude for these complex compounds and has become central to various career avenues.

Careers in Organic chemistry
Organic chemist
An organic chemist is critical in all those areas where there is dependency on the research and development. They study organic compounds, their physical and chemical properties and the chain of reactions that produce them. With this knowledge, they explore new uses of these compounds or try to find new organic materials. Also, organic chemists analyze and understand each and every aspect of the compounds and use them for making medicines that can treat life-threatening diseases. Normally, a pharmaceutical researcher has a doctorate degree and earns an average annual pay of $86,421.

Forensic Scientist
Organic chemistry is involved in all the fields of science that are applied to life-this includes the field of forensic science. It is used by scientists to investigate and test samples of blood or saliva collected at the scene of crime. Various tools and testing solutions may also be used to analyze physical materials like hair and carpet, as well as carpet fibers. Forensic scientist may be a medical doctor or a chemist and earn an hourly median salary of around $21.79

The primary job of a pharmacist is to distribute medicines at the prescription of a certified doctor. They can also suggest patients, physicians and health practitioners about the dosage and side effects of drugs. Some pharmacists are also certified to administer medicines. They may work in a private pharmacy, a hospital or a nursing care facility. A pharmacist is required to get a specialized degree as well as a license to follow his practice, and should also know drug law in some states. The average annual salary of a pharmacist is nearly $106,410.

Medical doctor and biotechnologist
The fields of medicine and biotechnology are interdisciplinary. Organic chemistry plays an important role in the study and manipulation of DNA and requires a lot of research. Biotechnologists work on agricultural products, as well as with plants and animals. Normally, a biotechnologist has a masters degree in the field and usually also involve medical doctors. The median salary of a biotechnology research scientist in USA is around $63,000.

Professor of chemistry
Although, the main job of a chemistry professor is to teach students, but at times, the actual job may also require conducting research in their chosen field. Also, chemistry professors are expected to run the department, act as an interface for the university and may also participate in other college activities. The desired qualification for a professor is a master or a doctorate degree in accredited colleges and universities. They earn an average annual salary of $74,655.


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