Popular careers and what they pay

With the changing situations of the economic and employment market everyday, there has been quite a dramatic effect on the job sectors. Technological development, one of the main reasons for affecting almost each and every area of our society, has opened new avenues and opportunities. Certain factors can change the job market dimensions and increase common interest in certain areas- like TV shows or media coverage.
Some areas of employment that are predicted to rise faster than other careers over the next few years are-
Network Systems Analysts
The main focus of systems analysts is to solve problems related to networked computer technology. The growth of IT sector has given rise to the increase in organizations requiring the installation and maintenance of networked communications. Analysts test, design, and analyze different networks like LAN, internet, intranet and other data communications systems.
A Network Systems Analyst must be a logical thinker and a good communicator. The expected salary for a typical Systems Analyst in US is approximately $38,931.
Physician’s Assistant
A physician assistant (PA) is a trained healthcare professional, with a qualification of academic and clinical skills to provide diagnostic, therapeutic and preventative healthcare services under the guidance of a specialist.
PAs are vital as they undertake all matters of a patient and work in different departments of the hospital. The expected salary for a Physician Assistant in US is $82,319
Medical Assistants
Development in the healthcare sector has led to the rise in administrative and clinical tasks that need to be focused. Medical assistants help physicians performing these functions. They typically work in hospitals, clinics or doctor’s office. Their strata of work may range from working on patients and in laboratory to bookkeeping and receiving calls.
The median appropriate salary is United States is around $24,610 per year.
Fitness Trainers
A fitness trainer is a skilled, certified instructor who trains and leads a single client (personalized trainer) or a group of individuals in a range of physical activities. They may work privately, or be employed at a gym, club, hospitals or in yoga classes.
The core responsibility of a fitness trainer is to motivate people, instigate and inspire them the benefits of health and muscle building. A qualified trainer must be a good listener and a great communicator and motivator. He should be strong and have a good physical and mental health. The total annual compensation of a fitness trainer in US is expected to be approximately $52,535
Physical Therapist Aide
Typically, a physical therapist aide works under the supervision of a physical therapist and a physical therapist assistant. They enhance the productivity of therapeutic sessions by maintaining cleanliness in and around the treatment areas; getting the area ready for the patient by organizing and preparing them for the sessions and helping the patients get in and out of these treatment areas.
A physical therapist aide gets trained while working on the job after getting a basic high school diploma qualification. They earn a median salary of around $22,060 in US.


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