Responsibilities of a Salesperson

Sales representative are pivotal in the growth and success of their individual organizations. The duties and responsibilities of sales professional may vary from one sector to the other. Their core job, regardless of the industry, is to promote the product or service they are selling, develop interest in the customers for their company service or merchandise and understand the queries and concerns of the client. A good salesperson must be focused and persistent. They must be communicative; should be able to target the needs and requirements of the buyer; address them; answer all the concerns and doubts and then finally close the deal.

The primary duty of a sales representative is to look out for potential customers. He should be keen to develop good communication relationship with the client and try to understand the needs of the prospect.

One of the valuable attributes of a salesperson is to qualify his prospect. It is a crucial step for starting any business with the client.  Ability to beautifully present the service or product is a must-have skill for sales professional. It is very important for him to know and understand the product, or if high technical sales are involved, should be able to bring along the technical expert with him while he presents the business to the customer. This is a very smart tactic and works well in such situations. A great salesperson should address all the aspects of the business and must make it sound approachable to the client. If he misses on this front, his presentation will lack the effect and he may lose the prospective customer. However, if the buyer shows the interest by asking questions and seeks clarifications, the salesperson has hit the interest bang on target.

A friendly, personal approach to the customer is a great way to persuade him to develop interest in the business. It might sound easier but it is a lot more complicated. Actively listening to the customer and his needs, and if needed, persuading him to ask questions, is a must-have quality that is required in a salesperson.

The most important step is facing all the objections and closing the deal. To be able to finalize the sale and help the client in each and every possible way is an integral part of a good salesmanship. He should be polite, tactful and persistent throughout the presentation. A sales representative should courteously deal with all the objections and queries in the end and leave a long-lasting impact on the client.


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